11 April 2018

April 12 Girlsday at Utrecht University

Getting started with Virtual Reality in the Motioncapture Lab, examining MRI scans of pets, practicing with the digital ‘Haptic Horse’, experimenting in the Teaching & Learning Lab, a visit to the glass workshop and a meet and greet with a female IT professional. This is only a sample of the activities taking place on April 12 during this years’ Girlsday at Utrecht University. Girls in the age of 10 to 15 years old are here to experience science, technology and IT. The faculty of Sciences, the faculty of Veterinary Science and the directorate Information and Technology Services will be hosting Girlsday.

Secretary Ingrid van Engelshoven of Education, Culture and Science will open the day together with 75 girls at BAM in The Hague. She will use a HoloLens to do this. Here, the girls will design a school using the latest BIM-technology and see how the HoloLens, ‘mixed reality’ glasses that combine the real world with virtual information, is used in construction for digital work instructions. After the kick-off all the other Girlsday activities in the country will commence.

11.000 girls
This year over 11.000 girls (age 10 to 15) will visit 358 science, technology and IT companies. By inviting girls to Girlsday, companies and technical departments of other organisations are sending a message to girls that they are more than welcome in the field of technology. In The Netherlands, still too few girls choose an education or career in science, technology or IT. VHTO, the national expertise agency for girls/women and science/technology aims to increase the participation of girls in these sectors. Girlsday is organised by VHTO together with the ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

More information on Girlsday: see VHTO