10 February 2020

Apply now for our Certificate Programme on Global Transformations and Experimentation

How can systemic drivers of global challenges be identified? What are transformations and how do they come about? How can different forms of experimentation - across multiple disciplines - and adaptive learning be used to achieve transformation? What does it take to design and implement an experimental adaptive learning agenda as an organization – public, private, or non-profit – and contribute toward transformation? This comprehensive, two-week Certificate Programme focuses on the development of competencies for contemporary global leaders working to tackle global challenges.

In today’s globalized world, the leader of tomorrow is someone who can navigate across boundaries and disciplines to bring about transformative solutions that address the underlying spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs): transforming our world. Today’s professionals communicate and engage with a range of individuals from different experiences and backgrounds than their own. In order to succeed and lead on addressing SDGs, professionals must acquire a fresh perspective on working towards transformative solutions, using the tools of experimentation and adaptive learning. This programme provides the very best for future global leaders tackling the most pressing issues of concern to the global community.

This two-week, comprehensive, in-depth Certificate Programme is offered by the Utrecht University’s Centre for Global Challenges, a joint initiative of the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance. The Centre promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation between Utrecht University researchers, its students, and societal stakeholders from across the globe. Our aim is to critically understand and confront in transformative ways those global challenges that intersect human rights, conflict & security, sustainability, and equity.

The Global Transformations and Experimentation Certificate Programme not only provides participants a broad vision that includes comparative and interdisciplinary education from global perspectives in order to achieve transformative solutions to today’s most pressing challenges, but it also focuses on cross-cultural leadership and interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation for real-world application.

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