Apply for the Mixed Classroom 2023-2024

group of students in TLL tilt their heads while listeing to presentation
Mixed Classroom students tilting their heads during a lecture (Hilde Segond von Banchet, 2019)

UU master’s students can now apply for ‘Techniques of Futuring — a mixed classroom with policymakers’, a 3-month course organised by the Urban Futures Studio. In this prize-winning Mixed Classroom, master’s students, policymakers, and practitioners learn with and from each other about how dramaturgy shapes our collective capacity to imagine and act towards sustainable futures. Learn how knowledge, setting, and form influence if and how people change their perspectives on sustainability transitions. Explore the crucial role of dramaturgy in fostering social movements with real transformative power. And collaboratively orchestrate a public meet-up of The Just Energy Movement. Apply now for the Mixed Classroom (application deadline: 24 September 2023).

There is more and more emphasis on justice’s importance in sustainability transitions. An example of a promising step forward is the EU’s ‘Just Transition Plan’ that makes €623 million available for a ‘just energy transition’. Although this plan is appealing at first glance, the discourse and policy it promotes focus on preventing injustice – e.g. energy poverty, and increase in unemployment. But the fundamental objective of a just transition is not just preventing injustice but being more ambitious: striving for a society where it is increasingly possible for a diversity of human and nonhuman actors to flourish together. In the 8th edition of the Mixed Classroom course, UU master’s students, policymakers, and practitioners will take on the theme of ‘just transitions’ themselves.

For an impression of previous presentations of the Mixed Classroom, see RURAL UTOPIAS (@Parnassos, Utrecht), A Canon of Change (online), and the Museum of the Linear Economy (@RAUM, Utrecht).

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Practical information

  • The Mixed Classroom starts on 13 November 2023 and ends with a closing session on 24 January 2024. 
  • This course is open to 20 master’s students and works with a pre-selection. 
  • Students can follow this course for both 5 EC and 7.5 EC. 
  • Course enrolment for this course is open up to and including Sunday 24 September 23:59h.
  • For more information, contact course coordinator Dr. Koen Wessels (