App for teachers organising education with external partner

Education is increasingly looking to connect with the outside world. Do you want to design education together with external partners and could you use help? U-Collaborate in Education (UCE) support teachers in organising this type of education, such as community engaged learning and challenge-based learning, but also education in which teachers themselves seek cooperation with social organisations or companies. UCE can support teachers or collaboration initiatives in establishing and maintaining cooperation with known and new external partners. Need inspiration for organising this kind of education? UCE shares existing initiatives to give an idea of what is possible.

App under construction

To make it easier for teachers to find a suitable external collaboration partner, UCE is currently working on a concrete solution in collaboration with a start-up. Together, they are developing an app. This will allow lecturers to find external partners for their course, while also pointing external partners to lecturers who might want to collaborate with them. The app works as a kind of marketplace for practical assignments or challenges. Teachers and external organisations can place an ad and find support in the process of organising this kind of education.

The app has been around for a while and is already being used by several UU lecturers from different faculties. Based in part on their feedback, the app is currently being adapted to better suit the needs of UU lecturers and other stakeholders.

Lecturers wanted - test the app in your course

To test whether the adjustments actually solve the challenges lecturers are facing and match their needs, UCE is looking for a number of lecturers who would like to use the app in their course, ideally starting in block 4 (April) or block 1 (September).

Why participate?

  • The app guides you step by step through the organisational process. This is especially useful for teachers who want to integrate real-life assignments into their course for the first time.
  • It takes time-consuming work off teachers' hands - if desired - such as forming student teams and matching student and challenge/collaboration partner (this is an additional option within the app).
  • You get help finding suitable challenges.
  • You can help giving the app the form and content you think is needed.
  • And last but not least: you can count on extra support and help during this test phase. Because with your help, we can build an app that really adds value.

Interested and/or would you like to know more about U-Collaborate in Education or the app? Then contact Fleur Stigter, programme coordinator UCE. She can answer any questions and provide you with an information package and/or put you in touch with teachers who already have experience with the app.