30 November 2017

Annette Vowinckel visiting fellow at Centre for the Humanities

Professor Annette Vowinckel
Professor Annette Vowinckel

The Centre for the Humanities and the Department of History and Art History are proud to host professor Annette Vowinckel as a visiting fellow from 8-19 January 2018.

Professor Vowinckel is an internationally recognised scholar specialised in the history of modern media and (visual) culture. She is currently a researcher at the Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung in Potsdam, where she directs the research group ‘Media History’, and professor in modern and contemporary history at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Guest lecture and tutorials

During her fellowship, professor Vowinckel will give a guest lecture on ‘Photojournalism in Cold War Europe: Modern Aesthetics, Image Transfer and Human Networks’ in a master’s course taught by dr Jochen Hung. In addition she will teach two tutorials for research master’s students from several departments on ‘Re-reading Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism as a Theory of Negative Modernity?’. The tutorials will take place on 12 and 15 January from 14.00-17.00. Students who are interested in participating should contact dr Willemijn Ruberg (W.G.Ruberg@uu.nl).

Public lecture

On 11 January at 19.00 (Drift 21 room 1.05) she will give a public lecture on ‘Modernity in Europe and the Middle East: Artworks and Politics’, which will compare the work of the Egyptian painter Mahmoud Said, who has only recently been (re)discovered in Europe, with that of German painter Christian Schad and place their work in the wider context of European and Middle Eastern modernity in the context of the colonial and post-colonial history.

Seminar visual culture

On 18 January (15.15-17.00; Drift 23 room 1.06) a seminar on visual culture will take place: professor Vowinckel will elaborate on the methodology of her book on twentieth-century photojournalism and comment on the work of scholars and students who are using visual sources. Those who are interested in participating and/or presenting their work (both researchers and students) are requested to contact Willemijn Ruberg (W.G.Ruberg@uu.nl).