25 January 2018

Anna Salomons appointed as Professor of Employment and Inequality

Anna Salomons is appointed at Utrecht University as Professor of Economics, in particular Employment and Inequality as of 1 February 2018.

The unifying theme of Salomons research agenda is labour market inequality, she says. "My main research line focuses specifically on how technological progress and globalisation impact the jobs that are available, the skills these jobs require, and the wages they pay."

Anna Salomons

Dr. Anna Salomons is currently contributing to the scientific and public debates on whether automation is leading to labour displacement. This can be automation from for example the introduction of robots and artificial intelligence. "In doing so, I consider aggregate effects on labour and product markets, but also how these automation processes are impacting individual workers and firms."

"In the future, I hope to help profile Utrecht University School of Economics and Utrecht University as being at the forefront of scientific thinking on inequality. More generally, together with colleagues across different departments I want to contribute to a productive and stimulating culture of collaboration in both research and education. In terms of the latter, I also aim to develop educational modules related to the themes of this chair."