And the Katadreuffe-Prize 2021 has been won by...?

Fabian Lips krijgt Katadreuffe-prijs 2021 overhandigd
Fabian Lips

Fabian Lips is the winner of the Katadreuffe-Prize 2021. The prize is awarded annually to the most outstanding law student of the year. This is a student with character, demonstrated for example by exceptional study results and by making an exceptional contribution to society, directly or indirectly linked to a study at the Utrecht University School of Law. During the opening of the academic year, professor of European Law and jury foreman Hanneke van Eijken gave the award.

Being able to combine his efforts for university and society with an enormous study pace shows exceptional character, according to the jury.


Fabian was one of three nominees selected by the jury after a thorough pre-selection of a large number of submissions. This year the jury consisted of Petra klein Gunnewiek (lawyer/partner Van Benthem & Keulen), Hans Wiggenraad (Fiscus of the Molengraaff Dispuut, Hilde Boogaard (h.t. Vice-Preseses of JSVU) and Hanneke van Eijken (university lecturer in European law) as jury president.

The jury was inspired by the submissions this year. Based on interviews with the three nominated students, they chose one winner. The jury was impressed by the boundless commitment of the nominees to make a sustainable contribution to society in their own way.

Besides winner Fabian Lips, Rijkje Plantinga and Wayne Miller were also nominated.


The winner

Fabian Lips poseert in kunstwerk

Fabian Lips' contribution to greater diversity and inclusion policies was the deciding factor for the jury. As chair of Erasmus Pride, which partly due to his efforts now has over 100 members, the winner of the Katadreuffe Prize 2021 contributes in forming a platform for new LGBT+ students within the university community. Not only does Erasmus Pride give this group a clear voice in the university community, but also within society at large.

Passion also characterizes Fabian' Lips as a student and student assistant. Fabian managed to complete several bachelor studies (Law, Economics & Business Economics and Fiscal Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam) and he also completed a master in Financial Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Recently he graduated cum laude from the LLM Law & Economics master program. In addition to this study, he is the student assistant of the Economic Public Law Section (IER department) and the student assistant of the Jean Monnet Network on EU Law Enforcement (JMN EULEN).

All things in life, the good, but also definitely the bad, are learning opportunities. I would like to pass on to other students that every now and then you should take a moment to think about the things that happen around you, to give them a place, and above all to see what these events can teach you about you as a person in order to become stronger. - Fabian Lips

The other nominees

Rijkje Plantinga in bos
Rijkje Plantinga

Rijkje Plantinga is someone who inspired the jury by being socially involved in numerous areas. She likes to support others in need. For example, Rijkje taught high school students and children who needed extra guidance during the corona pandemic, was Dutch Language Buddy to an Iranian woman in her high school days, and helped organize the ‘Night of Light’.

Rijkje also managed to make some outstanding achievements at the university. She is currently following the Master ‘Privaatrecht’ at Utrecht University, with a specific track ‘commercial vermogensrecht’. She is also doing an internship at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. Previously she received a bachelor's degree cum laude. During the final phase of her bachelor Rijkje reacted and anticipated successfully on the Corona measures as a board member of the XIII board of the Molengraaff Dispuut. And, as a student, she participated in "The Delegation," United Netherlands' program that trains students in diplomatic skills.

I would like to say to new students that I hope there is room to fully enjoy student life, that if you are privileged yourself you can share what you have, for example by volunteering, and if you need a helping hand, that it will be given to you! – Rijkje Plantinga

Wayne Miller voor gebouw
Wayne Miller

Despite being a newcomer to the Netherlands, Wayne Miller makes time to help others. The jury found that very special. Wayne fled from Jamaica, where he left friends and family behind because he did not feel safe there. From his place of residence in Delft, he volunteers for various projects. For example, Wayne worked on a plan to combat racism and discrimination in Delft. He also drinks coffee with people who have psychological problems in different districts in Delft.

Wayne is studying the Master's in International Law at Utrecht University and was an intern at the International Criminal Court. His great passion is international criminal law. After his studies he would like to write a PhD dissertation. In the future Wayne would like to contribute to the situation in Jamaica to better guarantee the rights of LGBTQ+.

University is a journey! it neither begins nor ends in the classroom, it starts with You. It’s the books You read, the assignments You hand in, the exams You take and the meaningful friendships You make along the way. It’s not meant to break You, only let it shape You. Safe travels! – Wayne Miller

Katadreuffe-prize award ceremony (in Dutch)

The Katadreuffe-prize

In 2012, Professor Ivo Giesen was Lecturer of the Year. He returned the prize money he won to his students. On his initiative, the Katadreuffe Prize (named after the main character Jacob Willem Katadreuffe from Ferdinand Bordewijk's 1938 novel Karakter) is awarded each year to the most remarkable law student of the past academic year. Who is that, the most remarkable law student? It is someone with character, for example shown by special study achievements, a valuable, lasting contribution to for example University, Faculty, Department, society, city, sport, or culture, but always insofar the contribution is directly or indirectly related to the study at the Law Department of Utrecht University.

The purpose of this prize is not only to put one student in the limelight, but also to inspire new students and the lawyers of tomorrow to get the best out of themselves and their studies. The Utrecht University School of law hopes that this prize inspires new students not only to study hard but also to give something back to the University and society. The prize consists of 500 euros and a copy of Bordewijk's novel ‘Karakter’ signed by Professor Giesen.