An ACtiegericht Toetsmodel (ACT) for innovative education - OCW grant Open and Online Education for Utrecht applicants

On behalf of the alliance with the TU/e, WUR, and UMC, the UU has submitted a project proposal for SURF's and OCW's Incentive Scheme for Open and Online Education. This project is one of 14 proposals that have been granted funding. Twenty-nine proposals were submitted.

An action-oriented testing model?!

More than ever, universities are being challenged to educate students who are capable of finding sustainable solutions to large, complicated challenges. Think of entrepreneurship education, community engaged learning or challenge based learning. Various forms of innovative education incorporate a high degree of uncertainty in the learning environment: what and how do students learn? These forms of education therefore require different ways of testing; this project tries to provide an answer to this. To this end, an assessment model is being developed in which the assessment of the product and the process is concretised in clear indicators that have an activating effect. Would you like to know more? Please contact the project leader Rianne Poot. The results of this project will be made available via the Educational Database.

Open and online education

The Incentive Scheme for Open and Online Education offers opportunities for innovation and quality improvement in education and for increasing study success. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is therefore making funding available for both experiments with online education and initiatives to use Open Educational Resources. After the summer, grant applications can again be submitted for online education (with the annual theme "The optimum blend") and Open Educational Resources. The Centre for Academic Teaching will guide you in submitting a proposal. Contact us via