Amsterdam Zuidoost test location for smart local power grid

Amsterdam Zuidoost will be the test location for a new, innovative district energy platform. Together with various partners, including Utrecht University, and residents of Amsterdam Zuidoost, the municipality will test a system that can intelligently exchange, distribute and store electrical energy locally. The platform is intended to help manage the local power network intelligently in areas where there will be a lot of development in the future (such as Amsterdam Zuidoost).

Political scientist Sanne Akerboom is responsible for research into inclusion within legislation and policy for a smart, social and local network. The project examines the preferences of different energy end-users and how vulnerable energy users in particular can participate and be involved. The aim is to allow all types of end users to participate in a local initiative so that inequalities are not exacerbated. What legislation and organisation is appropriate?

Twee electrische auto's worden geladen aan een oplaadpaal
Electric cars at a charging station

Electricity is becoming increasingly important in our power consumption, for example due to the increasing use of electric cars and making homes gas-free. That places great demands on our electricity grid, which is why it is important to experiment with new ways of generating and consuming electricity and to look for ways to exchange locally generated electricity.

A simulation of part of Zuidoost is being developed for the district energy platform. It simulates all energy flows, relevant buildings and the energy infrastructure. Subsequently, charging stations, solar panels, new buildings, existing buildings and heat pumps will be interconnected in the platform in order to investigate how energy can be intelligently distributed and exchanged. If the simulation shows that the platform works, it can be used in Amsterdam Zuidoost as well as other urban areas.

The neighbourhood energy platform has been granted a subsidy by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO - MOOI), and co-financing by the municipality of Amsterdam and other parties.