1 September 2017

Amr Ryad and Christian Lange receive grant for KNAW colloquium

© iStockphoto.com/peterhowell

Dr Amr Ryad and Prof. Christian Lange received a grant by the The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences to organise a KNAW colloquium to advance research in Arabo-Muslim Digital Humanities and Cultural Analytics.

Large amounts of data

The combination of the fields of Digital Humanities (DH) and Cultural Analytics (CA) makes massive amounts of cultural data (books, images, newspapers, literature, etc.) accessible to researchers; and thus greatly accelerates the scholarly analysis of these data, at least in theory. The rapid developments in these fields pose new challenges in research rather than ready-made solutions.

Challenges in Arabic literary heritage

This is, arguably, particularly the case in the fields of non-Western cultural traditions, such as the Arabic literary heritage, where digitization progresses fast but is only insufficiently flanked by efforts to develop methods and techniques (such as natural language processing, network analysis, visualization, and data mining) that make these traditions amenable to DH and CA approaches. The proposed colloquium seeks to advance research in Arabo-Muslim Digital Humanities and Cultural Analytics by sharing international expertise on such methods and discussing the salient contexts of their application in research practice.