26 March 2019

Breaking Science

Amer Jamalpoor and Julia Penning de Vries win Heat 2 of Breaking Science 2019

The second heat of Breaking Science 2019 on 26 March was won by Julia Penning de Vries, a third year PhD candidate interested in HRM and Public Management in the educational sector, and Amer Jamalpoor, a trained Pharmacist and Biomedical Researcher.

Julia Penning de Vries and Amer Jamalpoor

They join the winners of Heat 1 in the final on 8 April and heat 3 and heat 4 next week will determine the last contestants of this final. Everyone is welcome to attend and support the finalists!

Breaking Science

Breaking Science is a contest for young researchers organized by Utrecht University, to practice and improve the skill of pitching for an audience of laymen.