Access policy for exam periods at Utrecht University Library continued

Study spaces reserved for Utrecht University staff & students only

During the last two exam periods the study spaces in the library were reserved for Utrecht University staff and students only. The reason for this pilot was that the demand for study spaces during exam periods exceeds the capacity and research showed that 40% of the study spaces were used by persons from outside the university. Several other Dutch university libraries have already been using a stricter access policy during exam periods.

The evaluation of the pilot periods in Utrecht shows that the access policy has led to the desired results. During the pilot there was sufficient capacity to meet the demand for study spaces of Utrecht University students. Therefore the Executive Board has asked the university library to implement this access policy for coming exam periods, starting with the exam period of March 18th – April 11th. At a later date the Executive Board will discuss the results of the evaluation with parties within the university after which this decision is expected to be formalized.

Library services remain accessible to all visitors

Outside of the exam periods study spaces will remain available for all visitors. During the four exam periods study spaces will be reserved for Utrecht University staff and students only. Other library services will remain available to all visitors during the exam periods. The service desks in the library will remain open to all visitors. Visitors can turn to the service desk with questions on topics such as access to our collection. Our advice is to request books and other materials 24 hours in advance, after which they will be available at the service desk.

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