A new service for automatic transcription of audio and video files

Many researchers at Utrecht University make recordings of interviews for their research. To transcribe these recordings, you can from now on use the tool Amberscript. With this tool you can automatically convert audio- and video files into text.

In the past years researchers used various external transcription services. From those services Amberscript was their favourite. For that reason, we started a pilot with Amberscript. This transcription tool has several advantages:

  • transcription can be done in various languages;
  • Amberscript has a handy editor with a glossary;
  • the user interface is user friendly.

By offering this tool centrally, Utrecht University could negotiate lower costs. Furthermore, the service now complies with the privacy and information security requirements of our university, so it is safe to use when you work with privacy sensitive data.

Pilot till September 2023

The new service is launched as a pilot and will end on September 30, 2023. Already 14 researchers are participating in the pilot. With this pilot, ITS aims to get more insight in the total demand for transcription across the university. Best practices will be collected and shared. It is the intention to continue the service after completion of the pilot.

If you are a researcher at Utrecht University and want to use this service, please contact transcriptie@uu.nl. You can find more information about Amberscript here.