A long-term strategy for learning to live with coronavirus

Report by among others sociologist Tanja van der Lippe and various OMT members

Last year, Professor of Sociology Tanja van der Lippe co-authored an advisory report in which she outlined pandemic scenarios. In January of this year, Van der Lippe was invited to discuss and work on a long-term strategy to contain the corona crisis with, among others, OMT members Marion Koopmans and Diederik Gommers. The meeting led to the recently published report: From Fighting a Pandemic to Living in an Endemic (report in Dutch).


Tanja van der Lippe

The Utrecht professor stresses the importance of looking at the corona crisis through more than just the lens of medicine: "It is important that OMT members themselves now signal that the long-term strategy team should also include sociologists, psychologists, economists, ethicists, management experts and other social scientists and humanities experts."

A crisis like this is inextricably linked to other long-term issues. Think about climate.

Transition team

The current report presents four future scenarios: from a cold virus to a worst case scenario. The authors of the report also advise the short-term establishment of a broad-based scientific transition team, a team that can advise the government to better prepare society for a life with the virus. Van der Lippe makes it clear that a crisis like the coronapandemic does not happen in isolation. "A crisis like this is inextricably linked to other long-term issues. Think about climate, energy transition and inequality."


The report 'From fighting a pandemic to living in an endemic' received a great deal of media attention. Scientists were interviewed by de Volkskrant and nu.nl wrote about the publication.