24 startups working on validation and acceleration at UtrechtInc

UtrechtInc presents new batch of startups

UtrechtInc, one of the incubators at Utrecht Science Park, offers four incubation programmes for start-ups as of this academic year. The first batch of 24 participating startups has already started. Curious about what they are working on?

In short: business incubation

In addition to an acceleration programme for startups in search of growth, UtrechtInc offers three validation programmes aimed at a better understanding of the product, customer and business model. Guidance in the validation process is available specifically for tech companies, scientists and students. The common denominator of all startups is scalability and a software component.

The expansion of the number of programmes from one to four resulted in a considerable increase in the number of participants. Over the past two years, UtrechtInc has supervised a total of 24 startups. Now more than forty applications have been received for the first round - apart from the science-based programme, all programmes take place twice a year. Now that all programs have started, UtrechtInc presents 'the first batch'.

Holograms as medical support

Participants in the acceleration programme include supplier of personal sports nutrition plans EatMyRide and Holomoves, which uses holograms to stimulate movement and healthy recovery among patients.

No fewer than nine startups try to translate science into a working business model. These are mainly medical companies, such as a photographing catheter (Scinvivo), a way to make more accurate use of CT scans (Reperfuse) or a stronger magnetic field to improve the quality of MRI scans (Wavetronica).

Solutions for hand-me-downs

The tech start-ups participating in the validation program include Circle of Parents, which is building a marketplace for second-hand children's clothing. Valergy facilitates the commercial real estate sector in mapping energy flows and Brainial uses artificial intelligence to combine internal business information and public data for an accurate go-to-market strategy.

The five selected student startups include solutions for parents with children outgrowing their bikes (BikeFlip) or looking for an international babysitter (N├Ąpp), on demand insurance (Pivot) and time-saving inventory management for small cafes and restaurants (ServeSupply).

Curious about all the companies participating in the programmes? UtrechtInc briefly presents all 24 of them here.