Within this programme you can choose between three tracks:

  1. Youth Policy, Education and Prevention (YEP)
  2. Pedagogy and International Development (PID)
  3. Education for Inclusive Societies (EFIS) 

The YEP track prepares you for pedagogical work in the broadest sense mostly directed at (Western) welfare economies, while the PID track prepares you for this work with a focus on underdeveloped communities and international collaboration. With the EFIS track you focus on pedagogical work in the education sector, specialised on issues of inclusion, polarisation and democratic citizenship (although these themes are not exclusively addressed in the EFIS track).

All tracks follow the same study programme so how does your track choice influence your study?

  • For all the courses, you specialise in certain assignments according to your track choice.
  • The thematic focus of your thesis and internships will match with your track.
  • In the course Practical you will work with a challenge according to your track choice.
  • For all tracks: in the course Academic Professional you have certain options according to your track choice.

To read more about student experiences from each track, take a look at the Testimonial page.