Study programme

Programme outline (for all tracks)

Period 1Period 2Period 3 and 4
  • Paradigms & Global Perspectives 10 EC
  • Practical (Period 1-2)  2,5 EC
  • Prevention 3.0: Perspectives and Design  5 EC
  • Elective course  5 EC 
  • Preparation Internship and Thesis 2,5 EC
  • Practical
  • Internship  10 EC
  • Thesis  20 EC
  • Academic Professional
    (Period 1-4) 5 EC
  • Academic Professional
  • Academic Professional

Below, you will find an overview of courses from the current academic year of this Master's. This overview is meant to give you an idea of what to expect. The course offer may change in the coming academic year.


In periods 1 and 2, you will take 4 compulsory subjects and 1 elective. Apart from these, you will take the Practical course in which you will work in a small group to address a challenge in your own domain, depending on your track. You will also start the Academic Professional module, which runs throughout the year. This module will teach you skills geared towards continuous professional development. Among other things, you will join other students to organise meetings and debates with the professional field and you will work on developing your identity and skills as an academic professional. This will enable you to continue playing a professional role in the changing society and labour market. 

Internship and Master’s thesis

In period 2 you will already start preparing for your internship, which will take place during periods 3 and 4. The Master's Youth, Education & Society facilitates internship positions both in the Netherlands and abroad. Students ideally develop their thesis in close collaboration with internship organizations. We have a wide network with partners both in the Netherlands and abroad especially with partners who work in so called Development Countries, but students are invited to bring in their own network partners. It is possible to carry out your internship and data collection for your thesis abroad from February until May. Students may bring in internship organisations in and outside of the Netherlands. In all cases the internships need to be approved by the programme. Questions? Please mail

If you are interested in doing the Master’s in Youth, Education and Society and want to learn more about the internship options, send an email to or register for one of our Internship Information Meetings.

Showcase yourself through your track

The track you have chosen will be defined by your internship/thesis, the content of the Academic Professional module and the content of assignments in the core subjects, your Practical course, and the free electives. 

The EFIS track courses gave me a different mindset on cultural diversity and education