Career Prospects

On this page you will find information about possible career prospects for both academic and non-academic careers. Urban and Economic geographers can be found in numerous public and private organisations in the field of urban and economic development. Positions held include consultants, advisors or researchers, who work on specific social or economic issues.

Non-academic careers

The Urban and Economic Geography Master’s programme is set up to guide you in the best possible way with your career search. By offering theoretical knowledge and methodological skills, mixed with real life examples given by field professionals and university experts, you combine analytical skills with hands on experience.

The programme has an extensive alumni network, which is also involved in teaching. Through guest lectures and practical assignments, you will learn what graduates do and be able to determine where you would be most at home. For example, in the masterclasses of Professional Competences (with options) you will learn how to make your research results accessible to a wider audience, how to draw up a policy report, or how to deal with opposing political or other interests in practice.


The knowledge and skills acquired via the Urban and Economic Geography Master's programme make our graduates successful in careers in a wide range of public and private organisations, including:

  • Government ministries
  • Provincial and local authorities
  • Private consultancies
  • Research agencies
  • Housing associations
  • Project developers
  • The business sector
  • Universities

Companies graduates work at

Graduates in the former Human Geography Master's programmes have for example found jobs as a policy maker, researcher or consultant at:

  • Arcadis
  • ASR
  • Bureau BUITEN
  • DTZ Zadelhoff
  • Gemeente Utrecht, Ruimtelijke en Economische Ontwikkeling/Economische Zaken
  • Natuur- en Milieufederatie Utrecht
  • Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving
  • Royal Haskoning DHV
  • Rabobank Nederland, Kennis en Economisch Onderzoek
  • Regionale ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Oost NV
  • Urban Resort

Career development

Academic and professional knowledge and skills

Once you have completed Urban and Economic Geography Master’s programme, you will have:

  • academic knowledge and skills to analyse important societal challenges and problems with a critical, ethical and open-minded attitude;
  • academic knowledge and understanding of the international research frontiers in Human Geography and their applications in and importance for society; 
  • academic research and methodological skills – quantitative and qualitative – for setting up, organising and carrying out applied research as well as on how to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate research outcomes;
  • professional knowledge and skills on how to collaborate and communicate in multidisciplinary teams of stakeholders in order to find suitable solutions for societal challenges and problems.

UU Career Services

UU Career Services offers training related to career orientation and job application skills; examples include writing an application letter and CV and conducting a job interview. You can find more information about career support on UU Career Services for Dutch students or UU Career Services for international students.

UU Careers Day

Once a year Utrecht University organises a Careers Day. The Careers Day offers the opportunity to sign up for workshops and trainings, and to meet recruiters at the careers fair. It’s also possible to join a job application training or have your resume checked.