Teaching staff

Get to know members of the teaching staff of Sustainable and Circular Chemistry.

Daniƫl (Danny) Broere

Danny obtained his BSc degree with honors in 2010 at the HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht. He obtained his MSc degree cum laude in 2012 at the VU University Amsterdam. Subsequently, he moved to the University of Amsterdam where he obtained his PhD in Chemistry cum laude in 2016, under supervision of Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt and Joost Reek, working on redox-active ligands. After his PhD, Danny worked as a NWO Rubicon Postdoctoral fellow in the group of Patrick Holland at Yale University on a NWO Rubicon fellowship, working on the development of low-valent iron complexes for the conversion of dinitrogen into organic amines. In September 2018, Danny started as a tenure track assistant professor at Utrecht University where his research focusses on the development of well defined homogeneous multimetallic catalyst systems.

Ina Vollmer

Dr. Vollmer studied process engineering at Hamburg University of Applied Science, while also obtaining a journalistic degree with a scholarship from the journalistic trainee program of the Konrad-Adenauer foundation. She went on to study chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (graduation 2015). In her doctorate, she researched activity descriptors for the aromatization reaction of methane over metal supported on zeolite catalysts with Prof. Freek Kapteijn and Prof. Jorge Gascon with a short stay at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia (graduated 2019). After a two-year postdoc on chemical recycling of plastic and natural degradation of plastics to nanoplastics at Utrecht University, Dr. Vollmer extends this line of research as a tenure track assistant professor.