Career prospects

There is a need felt in society for well-trained researchers with extensive knowledge of social science theories and methodologies.

Job Prospects are excellent

This Master’s programme connects with current major social issues and prepares you for a career in research, whether in academia (PhD training), at research institutes, or governmental organisations. You will also be prepared for a non-scientific career path. Highly qualified researchers are in great demand, therefore career prospects are very good.

Academic career

As a graduate of this programme, you will be a highly trained researcher and well-qualified to work as a scientific researcher in the social sciences.

Graduates are working in positions such as:

What does your job involve?

PhD student:
You will conduct research at a university in the Netherlands or abroad, writing scientific publications and working as a lecturer for Bachelor’s and Master’s students.

Researcher at a research institute:
You will perform research in various areas of society and contribute to reports that monitor or support government policies.

Professional careers

Students who complete the MSc can capitalise on their:

  • research experience;
  • analytical, research, and reporting skills; and
  • successful completion of a demanding programme.

Graduates are working in positions such as:

  • Advisor
  • Policy officer
  • Demographic researcher
  • Researcher in market research

A lot of companies and governmental organisations offer jobs that require strong research competence. Examples are the Ministries in The Hague and market organisations.

What does your job involve?

Advisor/policy officer:
You will advise companies on organisational issues, such as change management, policy implementations, and structural changes.

Demographic researcher:
You will support the government in identifying and evaluating policies. You will perform demographic research and analyse demographic data.

Researcher at market research: 
You will determine which business strategies work well and which don’t through the analysis of market data. You will be responsible for the design, implementation, and analysis of research.

The programme is a great preparation for a career in research, either inside or outside the university.

Career development

To help you prepare for your career and familiarise yourself with the labour market the programme, the faculty and Utrecht University offers several services and activities.