This programme has been an enriching experience

I embarked on the Master’s Programme in Public Administration and Organisational Science with a profound motivation to explore how governments can effectively address pressing public problems. The programme not only met but exceeded my expectations, equipping me with a comprehensive understanding of classic and contemporary theories in public governance, along with specialised training in philosophy, methodologies and ethics. Through engaging coursework and challenging projects, I honed my analytical and research skills, laying a strong foundation for contributing to research and analysis within the realm of public administration. I found myself delving deeper into the complexities of public policy, seeking innovative solutions that bridge the gap between theory and practice.
Two distinct opportunities during the Master’s left a lasting impact on my journey. First, the tutorial track provided an avenue to delve into the fascinating world of e-governance. Crafting a comprehensive chapter on this topic allowed me to explore the potential of technology in transforming public service delivery and enhancing citizen participation. Second, the applied research track presented an invaluable chance to collaborate with the Municipality of Eindhoven. Contributing to the development of their knowledge agenda empowered me to apply my skills in a real-world context, addressing practical challenges faced by local governance. This programme has been an enriching experience, nurturing not only my academic growth but also fostering a passion for driving positive change through effective public administration. I am now eager to bring my knowledge and expertise to contribute meaningfully to research, analysis, and drafting efforts, striving towards a more efficient and responsive public sector.

Arman Behrooz (Canada)
MSc Research in Public Administration and Organisational Science 

You get the freedom to study your own topics of interest

I started the research Master's programme for the simple reason that I really enjoyed all courses in my bachelor’s programme that included some form of doing research. I like finding research questions where knowledge is lagging, studying the topic, and choosing the right research method to answer the question. But most of all, I really enjoy going into the field to study organisations by talking to for example policymakers, civil servants or academics. In exactly all of these aspects of doing research, this Master's programme will allow you to gain more experience and improve your skills.

My master thesis focused on the competencies that are required in data-driven decision- and policymaking. Like several other students, I combined my thesis with a research-assistance at the university. I liked that because of this, I was able to not just deliver a research report as my final thesis product, but also develop a practical tool together with municipal civil servants by organising design-thinking workshops. This shows two other aspects of the masters I have experienced as very helpful. First, there is a very good and close connection to the academic community at the university. Second, as a student you get the freedom to study your own topics of interest and to choose from a broad range of methods to execute your research.

I currently work as advisor at the Dutch advisory council for science, technology and innovation (AWTI) in the Hague. In my work I conduct desk-research on for instance local innovation policies in different European countries or the knowledge-infrastructure of Dutch ministries. I also interview many stakeholders, such as policymakers at ministries or researchers and civil servants involved in local innovation ecosystems. I also help organize symposia and gatherings with stakeholders in the field. The research skills, experience and network I developed in the two years of this Master’s programme help me every day in this job.

Justien Dingelstad
MSc Research in Public Administration and Organisational Science