My substantive knowledge in Public International Law has definitely expanded

Deciding to pursue the LLM in Public International Law at Utrecht University was not an easy choice for me. It implied moving overseas and immersing myself in a new and unfamiliar educational system, all while adapting to a different language and culture. However, having successfully completed this transformative journey, I can affirm that I would certainly make the same choice again!
From the moment I first stepped into the classroom, I knew it was where I was supposed to be: surrounded by students from every corner of the world, learning from professors with an astonishing trajectory in the field of international law and living in the center of The Netherlands, one of the top countries to pursue these studies. Sure, this was not a journey free of obstacles, but it was absolutely rewarding in the end. My legal writing skills have improved tremendously since starting this Master’s programme. Furthermore, my substantive knowledge in public international law has definitely expanded, covering a diversity of areas from International Human Rights Law to International Security Law and even the Law of International Waste Management! Finally, having followed the Conflict and Security track, I have acquired a robust foundation in International Humanitarian Law, a subject that truly captivates my interest and is crucial in the assessment of modern armed conflicts.
Briefly, I truly recommend this programme to anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge in PIL while experiencing life and education in one of the most culturally diverse and international settings imaginable!

Lautaro Melcón Meroi (Argentina)
LLM Public International Law

We had the invaluable opportunity to delve deep into today’s human rights challenges

The LLM in Public International Law at Utrecht University has been one of the most significant milestones in my life. Human rights, the specialisation I pursued in the programme, occupies a central place not only in my career but also in my perspective and perception of the world. During the Master’s , we had the invaluable opportunity to delve deep into today’s human rights challenges and gain a comprehensive understanding. Moreover, we honed essential skills such as critical thinking, research, defending opinions, all while acquiring substantial knowledge in the field of human rights. I had the opportunity to participate in the Helga Pederson Moot Court Competition during the programme. This experience profoundly enhanced my ability to collaborate effectively within a team, research current human rights issues, formulate persuasive arguments and present them orally. I owe this growth to the unwavering support of our exceptional coaches and my wonderful teammates.
Certainly, the journey was not without its challenges, but throughout, I felt the continuous support of my friends and professors. My year in the programme not only enriched me academically but also gained me with lifelong friendships. What sets this university and its programme apart are the outstanding professors and diverse student body, creating an atmosphere that embraces a multitude of perspectives and backgrounds. I am grateful to everyone who encouraged me to be myself, ask questions, and learn within this diversity. I strongly recommend this Master’s to anyone seeking an in-depth study of human rights within a culturally diverse environment!

Buse Karataş (Turkey)
LLM Public International Law

I had the amazing opportunity to deepen my knowledge on Law of the Sea and International Climate Change Law

I remember being a young researcher in Brazil looking for the perfect Master’s programme. Looking for a programme that focused on international environmental law was no easy feat, but when I came across the Oceans, Environment and Sustainability track on the Public International Law programme, I knew I found the perfect match. The programme and the courses were meticulously prepared by incredible professors and I couldn’t be happier to have chosen it! I had the amazing opportunity to enhance my research and writing skills and to deepen my knowledge on multiple subjects, like Law of the Sea and International Climate Change Law. Also the environment of the university and the diverse and international group of students made this experience even better. I am immensely grateful for all that this LLM and the university has offered me, from knowledge and skills to longtime friendships, and I would definitely recommend this amazing programme to everyone interested.

Giovanna Chirico (Brazil)
LLM Public International Law