Vivette Rittman works as a Culture and Communications Analyst

Profile picture Vivette Rittmann, New Media & Digital Culture

“In my Bachelor’s I majored in Anthropology and Sociology. I chose to study New Media & Digital Culture, because I wanted to acquire a deeper understanding of digital culture: what it entails and how to recognize artefacts that identifies certain behaviors."

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"What I like most about the Master’s programme is the discussion and debate format that most lecturers employed. This format allowed us to view the associated readings from different angles, sharpening our analytics skills.

Digital methods is one of the most tangible competencies I acquired from this programme. However, the high level critical analysis skills are what I was seeking from the programme in order to ultimately position myself as a consultant in this area.

During my internship, I was the Urban Data Walk intern at the Utrecht Data School, working with the research component of the school, The Datafied Society Research Platform. The internship provided a valuable tool into the complexity around ‘data’. The programme had equipped me with the skills to conduct the research needed and analyze the findings from the empirical research conducted. This nuanced concept of data I believe will assist greatly in the future professional activities I wish to take up.

The programme equipped me with so many different competencies that there are several streams which I can position myself in. Two months after completion of the course and the opportunities based on the learnings have already born fruit. As such I am in the process of determining if I would like to generalize or move more towards a niche area within New Media and Digital Culture consulting.”

Ward Geene is Editor-in-Chief IGN Benelux for Media Lizard

Profile picture Ward Geene

"During my Bachelor Theatre Film and Television Studies my focus was on computer games and new media. I was looking for a Master that dealt with these subjects, but had more depth: New Media & Digital Culture."


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"At the time I started with my Master’s I was already working in the games industry, writing news for Power Unlimited, one of the biggest game websites. I did an internship there during my Bachelor’s and ended up with a small job. I wanted to pursue this career, but knew it was hard to get a fulltime paying job in this industry.

During my Master’s I started my own company in new media concepting, but it transformed very fast into a production company for film and festivals. I wanted to quit my small job at Power Unlimited, so I could focus on my own company, but instead of agreeing to let me go Power Unlimited offered me a fulltime job! So I made the difficult choice of leaving my own successful company to pursue my teenage dream.

At Power Unlimited I started as the social media guy, but it didn’t take long before I was writing for the magazine and website, went on international trips to test games and became the project manager for the restyle of the website. I became responsible for the digital strategies of the online activities. After two years at Power Unlimited I was running the all-digital, thanks to my knowledge of new media in theory, but also in practice.

After the publisher went bankrupt I moved to Media Lizard, a digital only publisher. Here I became project manager, but soon enrolled in the job of editor-in-chief of IGN Benelux, the Dutch division of the biggest game website in the world. I manage a team of 20 freelancers/volunteers. I have to decide on digital strategies, communicate with game publishers but I also still do a lot of writing for the website.

My deeper understanding of new media gives me an edge and an advantage to a lot of my competition in the field and I believe it has put me in the spot I am right now."

Lindsy Szilvasi works as a Legal Assistant in Trademarks at Google

Profile picture Lindsy Szilvasi

"I chose this Master's because of the interdisciplinary research trajectory. The programme provided me with the right balance between courses on contemporary media technology developments, discussions on cultural and political impacts and conducting my own research while interning for an internet freedom organisation."

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"I have always been very interested in Internet Freedom and internet policymaking. As a Legal Assistant in Trademarks for Google my job is to process trademark complaints and communicate with trademark owners and advertisers regarding Google's procedures. In addition, I assist with the creation of documentation for existing and new policies and procedures. And finally, I work on special projects, including my own project focusing on workflow and communication improvement, and user education.

The most important skill I have acquired during New Media & Digital Culture is critical thinking. This skill is useful in my professional life as it pushes you to ask yourself urgent questions on how the Internet incorporates the boundaries of social, cultural, and political reflection. I also acquired research skills that help me in my position as Legal Assistant, and the interdisciplinarity of the programme has made me enthusiastic to combine diverse interests and skills to create unique projects.

I feel there are still many things to learn. Curiosity is fuel for creativity, originality and improvement. My job provides me with tools and time to develop my career but also to focus on my personal development. Every day I learn, and get closer towards my ambition to become an Internet policy professional."