Sevi Yilmaz serves as a Corporate Recruiter at the Utrecht Municipality

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"I pursued my undergraduate studies in International Communications and Media at Hogeschool Utrecht. Opting for the Master's programme in Utrecht was a decision rooted in my interest in exploring the way the online world steered our offline reality. Additionally, the University of Utrecht stood out as a reputable institution, renowned for its clear communication with students and engaged faculty."

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"My experience with the programme has been exceedingly positive. The curriculum delves into compelling societal discussions, affording students the freedom to tackle assignments on topics that captivate them. The faculty members are impassioned about their respective subjects, and that enthusiasm resonated with me. Currently, I serve as a Corporate Recruiter at the Utrecht Municipality. Throughout my studies, I frequently focused on issues related to Inclusion and Diversity, a focus I seamlessly integrate into my current role. Discrimination persists in the job market, and at the Utrecht Municipality, we actively strive to provide equal opportunities for everyone.

My Master's research, often centered around understanding discrimination and practicing inclusive communication, has equipped me with valuable insights. This knowledge is particularly relevant in my current position, where I contribute to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. The commitment to addressing discrimination is crucial, and the skills I honed during my Master's studies enable me to play a significant role in promoting equal opportunities within the Utrecht Municipality."

Inge Vliek is a PR and Marketing Executive at PitBox91

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"I’ve always been very interested in social media and the latest industry trends, but enrolling in a course on new media during my undergraduate studies in Media and Culture at Utrecht University helped me recognise my desire to pursue a career in this dynamic field, which drove me to pursue a master’s in New Media and Digital Culture, where I could explore these interests further."

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"I chose this Master’s degree at Utrecht University because of its interdisciplinary nature and the opportunity to choose courses that aligned with my personal interests. Within this programme, I specialised in data and digital methods by choosing courses from the software/data track, because of my desire to learn more about data, algorithms and ranking systems and its impact on user experiences. In the end, the digital methods and critical thinking skills acquired in these courses have prepared me for the responsibilities I take on in my full time role as a social media and marketing expert. 

The knowledge and skills gained throughout this Master’s programme have contributed to my expertise, allowing me to be a great consultant for various international and leading companies in the motorsport and motorcycle industry (like Kawasaki, Dunlop and Goodyear), steering me towards my ultimate goal of working in Formula 1 and/or MotoGP. Taking on this Master’s Degree has been incredibly rewarding, and I’m excited to see where my passion for and knowledge of social media takes me."

Daphne Cornelisse works at EenVandaag as an Editor-Researcher at the Opinion Panel

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"Before this Master's, I first finished Media, Information and Communication at the University of Applied Sciences (HBO) in Enschede. I then worked for several years before starting the Pre-Master in New Media & Digital Culture and then the Master. I chose this programme because, as a trained journalist, I saw that social media was not only a topic in journalism, but also a tool and a resource. Therefore, I wanted to learn to look more critically at new media, to be better equipped to deal with information and background of these platforms."

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"This worked out well: in my experience, the curriculum is very diverse and informative, and the professors were very flexible in letting me choose topics. From me, for example, most of them knew about my journalism background and ambitions, and therefore often let me choose topics in this direction, which ensured that I could specialise in the direction of new media, digital culture and journalism. After the Master's, I started working at EenVandaag as an editor-researcher at the Opinion Panel. I had also been working at EenVandaag before and during the Master's in various editorial departments, and I also did my internship there, in the parliamentary editorial department.

The Master prepared me better for my work because I have a (more) critical view on the use of, information from and developments in new media. It sheds an original light on the field of work that is not yet widely represented in journalism, and which I think is very important -if not crucial- for the future of the field."