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Are you interested in the relationship between the brain and behaviour? What effect do brain injuries have on memory, attention or perception?

Learn to assess and treat cognitive behavioural disorders

In the Neuropsychology Master’s programme, you will study psychological functions such as perception, memory, language, attention, emotion and motor skills. This includes: how the brain mediates these psychological functions, the consequences of brain damage and how to treat disorders. Disorders can be caused by a wide range of aetiologies, such as an accident, a stroke, neural degeneration (Alzheimer’s, Wernicke-Korsakov syndrome), or developmental defects (dyslexia, ADHD, autism).

Work in multidisciplinary teams

In this Master’s programme, you will learn how to work together with other behavioural and medical professionals. Our lecturers often have different specialist backgrounds, and you will experience the same multidisciplinary atmosphere in your internship as well.

Education driven by research and clinical experience

The lecturers at the Neuropsychology Master’s programme all work in clinical practice and/or conduct state-of-the-art cognitive research at Utrecht University. This integration of science and practice feeds the Master’s programme’s educational activities.

Purpose of the programme

In the Neuropsychology Master’s programme, you will learn the knowledge and skills needed to assess and treat cognitive disorders resulting from brain dysfunction. You will develop into an academic professional, who can apply the latest scientific models of functions such as perception, memory and attention in clinical practice or to innovate assessment and treatment.

Depending on your previous education, after completing this Master’s programme, you can continue your studies and:

Limited admission

The Neuropsychology Master’s programme is limited to a maximum of 65 admissions for the academic year. This means that no more than 65 candidates will be permitted to participate.

How does this Master’s programme differentiate itself from similar programmes at other universities?

  • Accent on applying scientific theory
  • Lecturers with clinical experience
  • The Neuropsychology Master's programme at Utrecht University offers students ample room to specialise through elective courses, assignments, the internship and the Master’s thesis.
  • Continuous integration of science and practice

    One of my supervisors in Ireland told me that the Neuropsychology programmes in the Netherlands are known for having an outstanding reputation, particularly with regards to the universities’ neuroimaging facilities.

    World-class university in a lively student city

    Choosing Utrecht University means choosing one of the best universities in the country with several renowned international rankings  and twelve Nobel Prize laureates

    Located in the middle of the Netherlands, Utrecht is a medieval city with a centre small enough to explore on foot, yet large enough to host world-class festivals, fashionable shops, modern architecture and fascinating museums. Find more about what student life is like in Utrecht! 

    Key facts

    Psychology (MSc)
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    1 year

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    Dutch and other EU/EEA students (statutory fee, full-time) 2024-2025: € 2,530

    Non-EU/EEA students (institutional fee) 2024-2025: € 20,043

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    Accredited by the NVAO
    Social and Behavioural Sciences
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    School of Social and Behavioural Sciences