Career prospects

This Master's programme prepares you for subsequent PhD training. It also serves as a freestanding programme for graduates who aspire to research positions outside academia.

Academic careers

This Master's programme prepares you for a scientific career, in academia (PhD training), research institutes, government organisations, NGOs, and private enterprises.

Graduates are working in positions such as:

What would your job involve?

PhD student:
You will conduct four years of research at a university in the Netherlands or abroad, writing scientific publications and working as a teacher for Bachelor's and Master's students. After you obtain your degree, you can apply for a research function.

The workload during the Master's forced me to manage my time effectively – a skill that I have come to value greatly in my current job as a researcher at Utrecht University.

Professional careers

Students who regard the MSc as the terminus of their academic education can capitalise on their:

  • Research experience abroad
  • Foreign language fluency
  • Analytical, research, and reporting skills
  • Successful completion of a demanding programme

Graduates are working in positions such as:

What would your job involve?

Advisor/policy officer:
You will advise companies or non-profit organisations on issues related to migration and diversity. You will advise on, develop and implement policies related to e.g. diversity management and internationalisation.

Public opinion or market researcher: 
You will conduct polls or determine which business strategies work well and which don’t through the analysis of survey and market data. You will be responsible for the design, implementation, and analysis of research.

Career development

To help you prepare for your career and familiarise yourself with the labour market the programme, the faculty and Utrecht University offers several services and activities.

The career orientation days were very helpful because listening to former students’ experiences gave me an idea of all the possible jobs and organizations (outside of academia) I could work at after graduation. I felt well prepared to enter the labor market after MERM!