In the second year you can design your own programme by choosing the free track or one of our predefined tracks:

  • EMOS track (Official Statistics) 
  • Contemporary Psychometrics Track
  • Applied Data Science Track

Free track

In the free track, you can choose 15 EC in the field of your interest, such as: data science, survey research, educational measurements, or biomedical research. You can also choose to do an internship. Please note: your electives need to be statistics-related and will have to be approved by the coordinator.

EMOS Track (Official Statistics)

In this track you will study statistics as it is carried out at statistical bureaus such as Statistics Netherlands and planning bureaus. EMOS stands for European Master in Official Statistics, which is a EUROSTAT initiative. Within this track, you will take the extended elective course EMOS Core Moduletaught mainly by Statistics Netherlands. You will also prepare and write your thesis under the supervision of Statistics Netherlands employees. 

For more information on the EMOS track, please contact Dr. Bella Struminskaya

Contemporary Psychometrics Track

In this track you will study statistics and data science as they are applied to data from psychological or educational tests, surveys, and various kinds of new data sources relevant for measuring human behaviour and ability.

You will take the extended elective course Contemporary Psychometrics: Theory and Applications, taught by experts from the University of Twente and Cito, the national institute of educational measurement in the Netherlands. You will also prepare and write your thesis under the supervision of University of Twente or Cito employees.

For more information on the Psychometrics track, please contact Dr. Remco Feskens (Cito). 

Applied Data Science Track

In the Applied Data Science track you will address the challenges for decision making, planning, and knowledge discovery in large collections of diverse data. You will take two courses (7.5 EC each) in the area of data science: Data Analytics 1: Supervised Learning and Visualisation, and Data Analytics 2: Battling the Curse of Dimensionality.

You can contact the coordinators of the Applied Data Science track via for more information.