The Mathematical Sciences programme offers 6 specialised tracks. Choosing a track allows you to tailor the programme to your personal interests. Upon enrolment you must select 1 track, either within Fundamental Mathematics or Mathematical Modelling. Your choice determines the focus of your programme and the research you will be involved in.

History of Mathematics

Students may choose to do their Master's research project in the History of Mathematics. This may be interesting for students who want to pursue a career in mathematics education or history of science. The theme of the Master's thesis should have a substantial mathematical content in the area of the specialisation. In practice, the subject of a Master's thesis in history of mathematics is often one in the 17th century or later, although exceptions are possible. Master's theses in history of mathematics are supervised by two staff members, including one member who is specialised in the field of mathematics related to the thesis.

The student should have basic knowledge of history of mathematics, for example as taught in the UU bachelor's course History of Mathematics. Courses in history of science are an advantage.

The student should take the courses History of Philosophy of Mathematics and Seminar History of Mathematics, subject to availability. Depending on the subject of the master's thesis, certain mathematics courses may be necessary. For example, a student who writes a Master's thesis in the History of Elliptic Curves will also have to take mathematics courses in this field.

The Educational Profile complements coursework and a research project in the History of Mathematics well.

Students pursuing a Master's degree in History of Science or Science Teacher Education may also choose to do their Master's project in the History of Mathematics.

For more information, please contact: Dr. Steven Wepster