Study Programme

Mathematical Sciences is a two-year research oriented programme (120 EC). EC stands for European Credits, where 1 EC equals 28 hours of work.


The programme is build around 6 tracks focusing either on Fundamental Mathematics or Mathematical Modelling. Upon enrolment you must select 1 track to determine the focus of your programme.

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The curriculum of the programme is made up of a 75 EC course part divided over year 1 and the beginning of year 2, and a 45 EC research part in the rest of year 2.

Course part (75 EC)

The course part consists of:

  • 3 compulsory courses (15 EC)
  • 8 elective courses (60 EC)

The elective courses allow you to specialize in your area of interest and can be chosen either at Utrecht University (UU) or through Mastermath.

Research part (45 EC)

In your second year, you’ll devote the majority of your time to a research project.

Your research project can be carried out in the Mathematical Institute or in a company in the Netherlands or abroad. You will plan and conduct your own research in one of the specializations under the supervision of a staff member, and possibly with the help of an external tutor. You’ll report on your research in your Master’s thesis.


  • Written or oral exams
  • Organising a research seminar

Extra opportunities

Utrecht University offers several programmes for students looking for an extra challenge. These programmes are followed on top of your regular Master’s programme and go beyond the regular curriculum. Do you want to know more about extracurricular opportunities? 

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