Mireia Martínez, student

''I love the freedom to design your own study plan. I didn’t want to feel forced to study anything I wasn’t interested in''

Who are you?

My name is Mireia and I’m from Spain. I did a Bachelor’s in Mathematics at the University of Barcelona and am currently doing my Master’s in Mathematical Sciences at Utrecht University. I am specializing in Logic with a minor in History of Mathematics.

How did you find out about this Master’s?

I first came to know Utrecht University through the Geometry Summer School, which I attended in August 2016. I loved the city and the atmosphere at the department between students and staff, so when I started thinking about doing a Master’s, Utrecht was directly at my mind.

What is the best thing about this Master’s?

I love the freedom you have to design your own study plan. The list of compulsory courses is very short, so you can freely pick the courses you want to learn more about. This was an important criteria for me when choosing the programme, because I didn’t want to feel forced to study anything I wasn’t interested in. At the same time it allowed me to try out different interests of mine, like linguistics and history of mathematics. I believe this will help me to make a more coherent and informed decision about what to do after my Master’s.

Why Utrecht?

Utrecht is small enough to feel at home quickly, but big enough to offer everything a student might need: learning facilities, culture, nightlife, job opportunities… The city is also very beautiful and nicely located in the middle of the Netherlands, which means that you can reach any major Dutch city easily by train and in a short period of time.
All in all, I am very pleased I chose Utrecht University for my Master’s. I feel this is the right place for me to expand my knowledge and train my skills, and that I’m really learning about Mathematics, studying, and life. I can only recommend giving Utrecht a go!

Sophie Palmer, student

''I am now 6 months into the programme and I have learnt so much''

After studying my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Sheffield in the UK and working in London for a couple of years, I then decided that I wanted to study again. Whilst researching universities across Europe, I came across the Mathematical Science’s programme at Utrecht, which caught my eye due to the flexibility and wide range of courses that are on offer. The programme allows for the option to specialise in whichever area of Mathematics you prefer, ranging from pure analysis to much more applied mathematics. The application process for Utrecht University was straight forward and easy to follow, and the admissions team were very prompt at replying to any questions I had. I am now 6 months into the programme and I have learnt so much.

Much of the assessment is through group projects and presentations, which has really challenged me to develop different skills. I’ve had to quickly learn computer programming which is something I never thought I would enjoy but actually it has turned out to be the favourite part of my course. With more development of my programming skills I would like to pursue a career involving data modelling for health benefits. I’m fully converted to the Dutch way of life and I am hoping to stay here after I have finished my masters and look for a job in Amsterdam.