Career prospects

Your focus is on management in a complex international environment. You have a clear understanding of the role culture and incentives play in the behaviour of individuals, firms and governments. Your broad training in international managerial economics and your excellent analytical, social and communication skills enable you to flexibly adjust to and effectively operate in any new international working environment in many different fields and organisations. Because international projects are performed in multidisciplinary and culturally diverse teams, you will strongly benefit from the multidisciplinary approach taken in this Master’s programme. You are practically oriented, but you draw on a firm basis in economic and management theories in order to deliver excellent results for your organisation. The study association ECU’92 organises regular career events, where you have a chance to speak with potential employers.

Possible careers

The Master in International Management prepares you to work in a global corporate environment in which you will use your new knowledge and skills dealing with issues such as global marketing and finance, supply chain management, cross cultural management, and foreign market entry strategies. The multidisciplinary approach of this and all U.S.E. Master’s programmes, along with a high level of internationalisation, offers you advantages in your international management career.  As a graduate of this programme you will find that you are well prepared for a range of different careers. Graduates from the programme have gone to work in a number of different institutions and sectors.

Leadership positions in multinational firms 

As a leader in a multinational company you need a clear overview of  how strategy, corporate finance, financial management and economics impact the management of an international organisation,  and a good understanding of how the external environment affects the firm’s opportunities. Your broad multidisciplinary training in business economics is the perfect preparation for this type of position. Moreover, your academic level and research skills will enable you to quickly analyse any problem you face. Your training in teamwork and communication skills will strongly improve your effectiveness in a firm. Below you will find a number of career possibilities after graduation.

Managerial positions in international operations

If you’re interested in running international operations, including subsidiary management, you will be well-prepared by the Master’s in International Management. In addition to understanding the overarching functions of international operations, from financial management to strategy to M&A and supply chain management, you will bring personal and analytical skills to operations management.

International Business Consultant/Developer

As a consultant in the private sector you will be part of a multidisciplinary team that prepares mergers or acquisitions, advises firms on redesigning their corporate strategy, or draws up proposals for an internal reorganisation. All of these activities require strong analytical skills and the ability to see and analyse the overall picture. Your integrated training in economics and business, in combination with your analytical and quantitative skills makes you well-suited for this type of position.

International Business Developer for Entrepreneurial Firms

The MSc in International M anagement prepares you to act as an effective business developer in an international context. It is up to you to recognise opportunities, analyse risks and manage all the aspects – financial, strategic and organisational – that enable international entrepreneurial ventures to reach their goals and create new value. Your strong analytical and strategic skills, academic level of thought and focus on real-world issues strengthen your business development position.

Alumni stories

Curious about the jobs our alumni got? Browse the LinkedIn profiles of some of our International Management graduates.

UU Career Services

UU Career Services offers training related to career orientation and job application skills; examples include writing an application letter and CV and conducting a job interview. You can find more information about career services on UU Career Services for Dutch students or UU Career Services for international students. Furthermore, the alumni network supports graduates with workshops and meet-ups after graduation to expand your network and skills.

UU Careers day

Once a year Utrecht University organises a Careers Day. The Careers Day offers the opportunity to sign up for workshops and trainings, have your résumé assessed and meet recruiters.