Pre-Master's programme

If you do not meet the admission requirements you might be eligible for a Pre-Master’s programme. This is for the Admissions Committee to decide. The Pre-Master's programme comprises 45 EC. After you successfully finish this project you will be admitted to the Master’s.

We offer a Pre-Master's for students who have a Bachelor's degree from a University of Applied Sciences (HBO) in a language or International Management/Communication (or similar). Do you have an academic Bachelor's degree, but do you not yet comply with the entry requirements? Please contact us.  

Entry requirements

Check the entry requirements to see if you are eligible for a Pre-Master’s programme. Please note: A Pre-Master's Programme is only available for students with a Dutch educational background who do not need housing, and who do not have or require a residence permit for study purposes. When in doubt about your residence permit, you can send an email to Utrecht University's International Student Admissions, including a copy of both sides of the permit. Do not forget to state clearly that you are referring to a Pre-Master’s programme. 


The following Pre-Master's programmes prepare you for one of the language tracks in German, English, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish. You will take classes with Bachelor's students. The courses below were part of last year's programme and give a good impression, but your programme might differ in some components. 

Note: There is also a possibility to follow the Pre-Master's programme for the multilingual track. In that case, it will be decided upon for each individual what the programme will look like.


Have a look at the costs of a Pre-Master's programme (in Dutch). 

Picture: Tim Vermeire