Study programme

The courses below are for cohort 2024 onward. If you are already a student at UU and are looking for information about cohort 2023 or earlier, please check our student website.

GIMA is a Master’s programme taught in English that may be followed full-time (2 years), part-time (4 years) or through flexible study. The study programme includes both taught courses, an internship and research awarding a total of 120 points in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).


The GIMA programme is a two-year programme, and is offered as blended learning. At the beginning of each module there are 3 contact days in which the lectures are being held and the assignments explained. After that there is a period of distance learning of approximately 12 weeks. In between, you work from your home or office. The interactivity is guaranteed by the use of electronic communication (e-learning environment) by which you regularly interact with your teachers and fellow students. At the end of the module there are two examination days at one of the four universities. You will spend the second year of the programme on your own Master’s thesis research project and an internship.
The modular set-up is shown below.

Year 1

Week 36-51

Week 52-14

Week 15-28

Course module

Course module

Course module

Course module

Course module

Course module

Year 2

Semester 1

Semester 2

Master's thesis


The GIMA programme offers the possibility to specialise during the 30 ECTS thesis research project and 30 ECTS internship. Students with more than 3 years of relevant experience in a geo-information organisation may be exempted from the internship.


The GIMA Master’s programme comprises of six courses (60 ECTS in total), your Master’s thesis (30 ECTS) and an internship (30 ECTS). You can find a schematic overview of the courses below.

Educational Methods

  • Lectures
  • Individual & group exercises
  • Excursions
  • Literature research
  • Data visualisation


  • Final research papers
  • Presentations
  • Written assignments or exams
  • Internship

Extra opportunities

Utrecht University offers several honours programmes for students looking for an extra challenge. Honours education is followed on top of your regular Master’s programme and goes beyond the regular curriculum. Honours programmes are available at interdisciplinary level and allow you to go deeper into subjects or work on projects that transcend your own discipline.

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