The team continuously makes an effort to create a welcoming and open atmosphere for the students

Frederick Brouwer

I would absolutely recommend the European Law Master’s programme at Utrecht University! The programme stands out for its dedicated and inspiring professors, that teach a high level of legal thinking in a very open and social environment. It is a great fit for everyone with broad academic interests; the courses range from Competition Law to Migration Law and provide the opportunity to develop a good understanding of EU Law throughout a range of disciplines. There  is also plenty of focus on how EU Law works in practice, for example through organized visits to EU institutions or law firms and guest lectures by practitioners. The professors are truly excellent and pay close attention in the lectures to relevant developments in both society and their legal field. What especially stood out to me was how approachable and engaged with the students they are. The team continuously makes an effort to create a welcoming and open atmosphere for the students in the programme. The EU Law Master’s programme at Utrecht University gave me a very solid fundament that I benefit from today still in my career.

Frederick Brouwer (The Netherlands), LLM European Law

The versatile programme prepares students for many different career paths

Maria Bucur Necula

I would recommend the European Law Master’s programme at Utrecht University to anyone who wants to build a career as a legal professional within the Netherlands or Europe. I come from Romania and when I moved to the Netherlands a few years ago I had already built a legal career in my country of origin as an international business lawyer and thereafter as a legal manager in the media industry. Prior to that I had studied international law and had a Master’s in Law in other European countries.  Having decided to live in the Netherlands for family reasons, my greatest desire was to be able not only to continue my career here but even to grow professionally. With this goal in my mind, I enrolled in the Master’s programme in European Law in Utrecht.

The programme is very versatile, and the broad range of interesting courses helps students to prepare for the variety of different career paths they might choose. This was true of the minor and Capita Selecta courses as well as majors, as I discovered for myself when I decided to explore my interest in Dutch corporate law. I was able to study it as a minor, giving my studies an extra dimension and making my overall qualification more diverse. All the courses I took benefitted from a very high quality of teaching, and I found them all very practical and interesting. My goal was to develop professionally and deepen my knowledge, which is why I was so impressed by the practicality of the courses. I truly feel that completing my Master’s at Utrecht University has enriched my legal career and given me the expertise to build my future in the Netherlands with confidence.

Maria Bucur Necula (Romania), LLM European Law