The Environmental Biology programme offers 4 tracks, each focusing on a specific field within Environmental Biology. When applying for the programme you must select 1 track that you would like to study. Your choice determines which courses you take and the type of research you are involved in during your internship.  

Track options

Track videos

Curious after the student experiences with the tracks? Watch the videos in which our students talk about the track they are in. 

Plant Biology

Student Rosa Toonen explains why she chose the Plant Biology Track and the courses and internships options it offers.

Fungal Biology

Student Costanza Torchia (Italy) explains why she came to Utrecht for the Fungal Biology Track in the Environmental Biology programme.

Ecology and Resource Management

Student Sven van der Valk introduces himself and his track Ecology and Resource Management in this video and shows you what kind of courses and internships you can do.

Behavioural Ecology

Student Malika Weima talks about her choice to enrol in the Behavioural Ecology Track and the kind of courses and internships this track has to offer.


Curious about a track or would you like to know more? You can chat with students from the various tracks.

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