Janita Visser-Zwarteveld studied Cultural Anthropology: Socio-Cultural Transformation

Janita Visser

"After graduating I started working as a programme officer for the Dutch human rights organisation ‘Justice and Peace’. In this organisation my responsibility was related to the project 'The Hague Training Course for Human Rights Defenders on Security and Justice'. I was involved in fundraising and I organised the first edition of a training course for twenty Human Rights Defenders from all over the world.

This programme was based on the needs that were discovered in contact with Human Rights Defenders. Analysing this data and reorganising it in a comprehensive project proposals was something I was able to do, based on the skills I learned as a Master’s student in this programme.

Other skills I gained during the Master’s programme and I applied in my work, are intercultural communication, planning and writing convincing project proposals, being critical, interviewing during focus group discussions and doing research.

Although this job was very interesting, I quit after one year, as I got the opportunity to start working for an organisation in Kenya (Saint Martin CSA). Here I am organising trainings for the staff of this organisation. Furthermore, I am assisting in writing strategic plans for the different programmes and I am involved in fundraising.

Cultural Anthropology: Socio-Cultural Transformation has been a great asset for me because it increased in me the interest to work towards a more just world, and the programme gave me the relevant skills to do so. I am grateful that I have gotten the opportunity to use these academic skills in an applied way."

Janita Visser-Zwarteveld - alumna Cultural Anthropology: Socio-Cultural Transformation