Extra opportunities

For students looking for an extra challenge in addition to their Master's, there are several options. 

Why Theatre? Seminars

Why Theatre? is a series of guest lectures and meetings with theatre and dance researchers, visiting scholars, and practitioners that extend throughout the year. We use these sessions to focus on specific research projects or actual developments in the field. Previously, we’ve held sessions on:

  • theatre, dance, and cognition
  • theatre and disabilities studies
  • performance art and participation
  • performance, memory, and technology

We invite programmers, curators, and artistic directors of dance, theatre, and performance festivals to discuss their choice of works. Our staff also present research projects inside and outside the university. Past topics of these research presentations have related to the Performing Robots project or dance (notation) research. 

Some of these sessions are held in a theatre affiliated with Utrecht University, which also provides space for dancers, choreographers, theatre makers, and writers to jointly discuss, explore, and occasionally demonstrate their work and practice-based research. Students can contact our student-led Studio M to inquire after possibilities.

Interdisciplinary honours programmes

You can choose from three of the university wide honours programmes below. In these interdisciplinary programmes you will work on varying social and academic issues together with students from other disciplines. By analysing issues from different angles you learn how you can navigate in current complex societies at a broad and connecting level. After completing these honours programmes you will receive an honours certificate during a festive ceremony.

For more information on honours programmes at the UU, go to the Honours College website or Instagram.