Flexible study

As of next academic year, flexible study will probably no longer be possible. Keep an eye on this page for further announcements.

You can also enrol in the Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy programme as a flexible study student. This allows you to choose for yourself how many courses you want to take each year, and your tuition fees will be adjusted accordingly. 

The Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy Master’s programme is participating in the flexible learning experiment (launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science). This means students can study for their degree in a flexible way, i.e. by enrolling on a course by course basis. 

Dutch Parliament will decide in 2023 whether the experiment will be turned into a law so that all study programmes can make flex-study possible. Until then, Flexible Learning will remain possible.

Students must meet the following conditions:

1. Flexible study is only possible if you enrol or re-enrol as a full-time student.
2. You must belong to one of the following target groups:

  • You have a job and want to combine it with your Master’s programme.
  • You are an elite athlete.
  • You are a member of a student board and receive at least €425 from Utrecht University in that specific academic year as compensation for board activities.
  • You are an informal caregiver when you start your degree programme (see the general information page for a definition of ‘informal caregiver’).
  • You have a chronic illness or disability.

Check the other conditions to see if you qualify for flex study. 

Under the experiment, you must enrol for at least 15 EC worth of courses per academic year. There are, however, rules in terms of entry requirements, the order of courses and how they are combined. Consequently, it will not always be possible to enrol for only 15 EC worth of courses in an academic year.

Procedure for applying for flexible study

If you want to apply to be considered for flexible study, you must first apply to enrol as a full-time student via Studielink and then go through the standard enrolment procedure. Even if you are re-enrolling, you must do so as a full-time student.

As soon as you have received an email granting you conditional admission to a programme, or if you are already a student, you must apply for flexible study before 1 August using this form. You should do this as soon as possible after you receive your conditional admission or your re-enrolment. Once we receive your application for flexible study, we will process it.

Using the study timetables on the student website for your programme, draw up a study schedule that is suitable and realistic for you. Remember to take into consideration any entry requirements and the order of the courses within the curriculum (see the course descriptions in the course catalogue – make sure you select the right year!). You can use this document (Word) to draw up a plan.

Once you have done this, make an appointment with your Study Advisor via StudieadviesMCW.gw@uu.nl. Your Study Advisor will decide whether you belong to one of the abovementioned target groups and will go through your study plan with you. Send your completed study plan to the Student Information Desk a week before your appointment.

Once you have met with your Study Advisor, your study plan (for the first academic year) will be approved. It will be signed by both the Master’s programme and the student and will be used to determine the tuition fee that you will be required to pay for the next academic year. As a flexible study student, you will pay per credit (1/60 of the statutory tuition fee) plus 15% (see the general information page for more information). You will be invoiced for the amount that has been agreed. You can, however, take more courses during the course of the academic year.

In summary

  1. Submit an enrolment application via Studielink.
  2. Once you have been granted (conditional) admission to the Master’s programme or re-enrolment, apply before 1 August using the application form.
  3. Make an appointment with your Study Advisor.
  4. Complete a study plan and send it to your Study Advisor a week before your appointment.
  5. Your study plan will be approved – and signed by the Master’s programme and you as the student.
  6. If you are already a student, you should enrol for courses using the approved study plan. New students will be enrolled for these courses.