Elise Kessler, alumnus of the Master's

Alumnus Elise Kessler of the Master's programme Biology of Disease

“My Bachelor’s consisted mostly of coursework so, for my Master's, I really wanted to get a taste of research. The MSc in Cardiovascular Health and Disease gives you a lot of practical experience and is also very broad. You can choose your courses and really tailor the programme to reflect your interests.

I was interested in the medical side of diseases that relate to the heart. This Master’s offered excellent courses related to the heart and disease, mainly because they were taught by professors who are highly trained in their fields.

During the course, discovered that research really is for me. I like doing lab work, I like reading and I like writing.

I am now in my third year of my PhD and writing the final chapter of my thesis. My thesis is on myocardial remodelling, which is the remodelling of the heart muscle that takes place during disease. For my research, I use animal as well as patient material to examine the alterations that take place in the heart. My goal now is to do a post-doc, also in the cardiology field.”