The Master’s in Business Informatics allows you to define and customize your educational journey via specialisations. Each student chooses one thematic path: software, data, or process.


The paths define the main theme that you specializes into: which is the area of business informatics that you are most interested in?

Find your perspective  

By default, you take an analytical perspective while studying the courses and conducting research within the chosen path. This is the mind- and skill-set that is necessary for professions such as ICT consultants, product managers, data and business analysts. 

In addition to this standard perspective, you can specialize further by choosing to take one additional perspective: entrepreneur or researcher. 


By joining the profile Science-Based Entrepreneurship, you will be offered the possibility to test your entrepreneurship gene by learning and working on scientific innovation in your field of study. In addition to taking a foundational course that concerns developing a business plan and a prototype of a science-based innovation, you can choose from a list of approved electives and optionally a project. 


Through the MBI honors programme, you will be supported by and you will conduct a research side-by-side with a researcher in the field. You will be more exposed to research and intellectual challenges and you will learn what it means to be a researcher by doing research yourself. This honors programme also serves as a way for you to assess whether a PhD career is something for you.