Study Programme

The Master’s programme Business Informatics (MBI) is a two-year programme (120 EC). Every year is divided into four periods. In these periods you will follow courses related to the chosen specialisation. Business Informatics has three specialisations.  This way you can tailor your own study programme.  


The first year consists of 60 EC coursework. In the second year, you are required to conduct research and write a Master’s thesis (45 EC). Furthermore, you also choose two elective courses in the second year (15 EC). You can find a description of the specific courses at the courses chapter on this page. 

The credits are in EC (European Credits), where 1 EC is equivalent with 28 hours of work.


View the extensive range of possible (elective) courses. This will give you, as a prospective student, a good idea of what to expect when putting together your own study programme.


You can choose a profile to expand the thematic range of your Master's programme. This is a coherent set of courses totaling 30 EC. The courses are on a single theme that is usually not a standard part of the programme.

Educational methods

  • Lectures with guest speakers 
  • Workshops 
  • Virtual business management 
  • Business simulation 
  • Individual papers 
  • Group projects 
  • Seminars and masterclasses 
  • Excursions and visits 
  • Graduation (also abroad) 


  • Individual papers 
  • Presentations 
  • Assignments 
  • Written exams 
  • Master's thesis
    In the final thesis project and colloquium (43 EC), you will plan and conduct your own research project. The thesis project will contain both a scientific and an applied study on a specific business informatics topic. Students regularly collaborate with an external organisation, i.e. a knowledge- or IT-intensive company during the project. The project concludes with writing a thesis and possibly a publishable paper based on your research. Thesis results are presented and discussed during the thesis defense.

Extracurricular opportunities

Are you looking for an extra challenge?  

Utrecht University offers several programmes for students looking for an extra challenge. These programmes are followed on top of your regular Master’s programme and go beyond the regular curriculum. Do you want to know more about extracurricular opportunities?

Read more about the opportunities