The master Biology of Disease offers two tracks. 

Cardiovascular Track

Cardiovascular diseases are still one of the leading causes of mortality and disease within our society and deserve special attention within the Master’s programme Biology of Disease. The Cardiovascular track gives you the opportunity to focus on cardiovascular diseases, without losing the broad biomedical perspective. By following this track, at least 75 EC should be dedicated to a cardiovascular related topic (major research project, courses, and writing assignment), but you are also encouraged to enlarge your knowledge within other disease-fields, searching for new insights that might also be valuable for the cardiovascular research field. For this you can use the minor and the electives.

This track is intended for students who want to become specialist in cardiovascular research and is an excellent preparation to flow smoothly towards the PhD programme Cardiovascular Research.

On completing the Master’s programme including the Cardiovascular track, the track will officially be registered on your International Diploma Supplement.

Biology of Disease Track

This track offers the opportunity to focus on more than one clinical specialization, enabling students to conduct research projects on different subjects and diseases in various pre-clinical and clinical labs.