Career prospects

As a graduate you will have a strong research background in Biofabrication and a broad basic knowledge of the field, which enables you to pursue a career in academic (PhD) or in industrial/commercial directions, including R&D, sales, consultancy.

Your considerable research experience will make you an attractive candidate for any Biofabrication-related position in the world.

Academic and Professional Knowledge and Skills

The programme will equip you with a toolbox of skills that are desired in academia as well as industry. You will become an allround multidisciplinary researcher with broad know-how and international experience, all attributes highly valued by potential employers.

You will be trained to independently:

  • conduct a literature review;
  • design a study that is suitable to answer research questions in the biofabrication field;
  • carry out research in your specific field(s) of training;
  • analyse, process and interpret experimental data;
  • write a report or article on your study results.

Further, you will be able to:

  • describe the development and anatomy of tissues and organs and appreciate the rationale for biofabrication-based regeneration strategies;
  • describe and distinguish between different in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo research models and biofabrication techniques and determine which models/techniques can be used to answer a specific research or clinical diagnostic question;
  • think of a strategy from bench-to-bedside for a specific problem;
  • to answer a specific research question;
  • describe the ethical considerations your research is facing;
  • effectively communicate and function in multidisciplinary groups and interact with people from varying backgrounds.

PhD degree

If you aspire a PhD degree after finishing the Biofabrication programme, you can enroll in the PhD programme Regenerative Medicine of the Graduate School of Life Sciences in Utrecht.

UU Career Services

UU Career Services offers training related to career orientation and job application skills; examples include writing an application letter and CV and conducting a job interview. You can find more information about career services on UU Career Services for Dutch students or UU Career Services for international students.

UU Career Days

Once a year Utrecht University organises Career Days. The Career Days offers the opportunity to sign up for workshops and trainings, and to meet recruiters at the careers fair. It’s also possible to join a job application training or have your resume checked.