Career prospects

During the Master's programme in Arts and Society, students will be provided with indispensable first-hand experience in areas where they will end up working professionally. The programme prepares arts professionals for a range of careers.

Graduates have multiple career opportunities in, for example:

  • Arts-focused public sector enterprise and non-profit organisations
  • Festival/event conceptualisation and planning
  • Education, community outreach or audience development for mainstream arts institutions 
  • Urban planning, design and strategy
  • Arts collectives and foundations
  • Grant-making foundations
  • Ministries of Culture

Towards the job market

Curious about the jobs our alumni found? You can read the alumni stories below and have a look at LinkedIn profiles of our graduates.

Alumni stories

  • Karel de Leeuw works as a Coordinator Fundraising and Partnerships at Filmtheater 't Hoogt.
  • Nicholas Polson works as a Creative Designer, Filmmaker, and Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Alumni on LinkedIn

Academic careers

The main purpose of the programme is to prepare students for a professional career in the cultural sector. In principle, the two-year research Master in Media, Arts, and Performance Studies provides better preparation for a PhD trajectory, but it is in some cases possible to continue in such a trajectory after finishing the Arts and Society programme.

Career development

Alumni network

The Master’s programme in Arts and Society is in the process of building an active alumni network. We are interested in how and when our graduates find jobs, and will want to stay informed of their subsequent career moves. So please stay in touch with us after your graduation!

Meet the professionals 

Throughout the programme, the students have various opportunities to meet professionals in the field, whether through our Meet and Makers programme, guest lectures, or through recommended events and internship placement. We encourage you to plan ahead and to make good use of your time in Utrecht to build your professional network and to find your footing in the arts and cultural field at large.

Career Services

Career Services offers events, tests, coaching and training in and outside your Master's programme, related to professional self-analysis, career orientation and job application skills. You can find more information about career services on Career Services for Dutch students or Career Services for international students.

Other career events

  • Your Perspective is a monthly career orientation meeting for students and alumni of the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University. \
  • The Faculty of Humanities organises a Career Night Humanities with interesting partners who will illustrate the diversity in career opportunities for humanities graduates.
  • Once a year Utrecht University organises a Careers Day. This Careers Day offers the opportunity to sign up for workshops and trainings, and to meet recruiters at the careers fair.