Health and wellbeing

Utrecht University values the mental and phyisical health of students. Therefore, the university schedules extra time to pay attention to the wellbeing of both students and lecturers.

Mentall wellbeing

Studenten en docent die samen lopen

Especially for international students, the first months of studying may be overwhelming. New experiences in a foreign country far away from home can be exciting, but also mentally challenging. On the ‘Mental well-being abroad’ page you can find tips to help manage your mental wellbeing in an unfamiliar place.

Utrecht University trains teachers and tutors to focus on student welfare. Student counselling is an important starting point to improve students’ mental wellbeing. The university aims to create an open culture where students feel free to discuss their mental health with teachers and tutors, who are open to help you improve your wellbeing.

Student die een side plank uitvoert in sportcentrum Olympos

Physical wellbeing

Student life does not always stimulate you to keep it moving. You will spend most of your time studying at your desk or in the university library, working behind a laptop or reading from books. However, being physically active is important for your physical and mental wellbeing.

With a subscription at the Olympos sports centre you can join one of the 31 student sports clubs or work out in the fitness room and join group classes or sports courses. Olympos is located at Utrecht science, close to the university campus. Find out more on the webpage of Olympos.


3 studenten die samen zitten en praten.

Sharing your hobbies, interests and experiences with peers can be a good way to improve your wellbeing. Student organizations are there to help you connect with peers based on shared interests in sports or culture activities. Utrecht has more than 150 student organisations, find a student organisation that fits you.

Wellbeing week

Twice a year the university organises the Wellbeing Week, where students and employees can have open conversations about vitality and wellbeing. The activities of the Wellbeing Week touch upon mental, physical, spiritual, but also financial, sustainable, occupational, and social wellbeing. 

Find out more about the wellbeing week