Housing for international students

Are you an international student and planning to enroll in a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at Utrecht University this fall?

Please watch the recording of our Housing webinar here and learn all about the Utrecht housing market, tips & tricks on how to find housing, housing budget, when to start your search and much more!

Did you know…

That universities in the Netherlands don’t own any campus housing? The situation in Utrecht might be quite different from what you are used to.

Once you have decided to study in Utrecht, housing is probably the most important thing to arrange, and it is really quite a challenge!

Please turn on the subtitles for this video by going to 'settings' and 'subtitles on' in the screen below. We were facing some technical difficulties during the recording and want to make sure you fully hear what we say!

About the hosts

Daphna Berger
I’m part of Utrecht University’s International Marketing and Recruitment team. Having studied & lived abroad myself I can relate very well to issues that students face when moving across cultures. I love to help international students find their way to Utrecht and settle in this beautiful city. Hopefully this webinar will take away some of the stress and will provide you with practical tips and tricks regarding the Utrecht housing situation.

Arlinda Bergwerff
After finishing my Master's at Utrecht University, I started working for the UU international marketing team. Having studied and lived in Utrecht myself, I know how challenging it can be to search for housing, especially for international students coming from a different country. We hope to help you navigate to the housing situation in Utrecht by organizing this webinar. See you soon online!