Career prospects

Possible career paths

With this Master's you can pursue a career in the commercial and the non-profit sector as well as in academia.

Careers in the commercial and the non-profit sector

Potential professional careers include:

  • consultant
  • applied researcher

Potential job markets include:

  • design industry
  • health care
  • ICT sector
  • marketing and advertising
  • railway companies
  • traffic and the automotive industry
  • telecommunications
  • airports/aviation
  • industrial product development

Academic careers

Another possible career option is a career in academia. 

For example:

PhD student
As a PhD student, you will spend four years conducting research at a university in the Netherlands or abroad. You will also write academic articles for publication, and teach university courses. After earning your PhD, you may be able to continue working in a research position.

Career development

To help you prepare for your career and familiarise yourself with the labour market the programme, the faculty and Utrecht University offers several services and activities.