Degree from a Dutch university of applied sciences (HBO)

Students with a Bachelor’s degree from a University of Applied Sciences (in Dutch: hbo) don’t have access to this Master's programme.

Unfortunately, this Master's programme does not offer a pre-Master's programme for students with a Bachelor's degree from a University of Applied Sciences (in Dutch: hbo). 

Did you – in addition to your hbo-Bachelor’s degree -  also obtain at least 60 EC at university level (for instance via a pre-Master’s elsewhere)? Then – in some cases - you might be eligible for a tailor-made pre-Master’s programme at Utrecht University. However, the university courses you have already passed must focus on general psychological theories and methods & statistics, and should include a Bachelor’s or pre-Master’s thesis, because courses in these areas at our university have a limited capacity and cannot be part of a pre-Master’s programme. 
Please select Degree from a Dutch research university as your previous education to read more information on how to apply. It is for the Admissions Committee to decide whether you are eligible for a pre-Master’s programme.