Certified digital documents

When you want to apply for a master's degree, you have to send proof of your bachelor's degree certificate. On this page you can find more information on how to submit your certified documents.

What is a certified digital document?

A certified digital document is an electronic copy of a student’s degree certificate, academic transcript or other graduation document of which the content and authenticity can be securely verified online.

How can I submit my certified document documents?

Utrecht University accepts certified digital documents in the following ways:

  1. Documents shared via the secured electronic system/database of your university.
  2. Documents shared via an independent academic verification platform (i.e. Australia and New Zealand: MyEquals, Canada: Blockcerts, China: CHESSIC, United Kingdom: GradIntelligence, DigitaryCORE, United States: Parchment, National Student Clearing House).
  3. Documents carrying a valid digital signature from your university.

All certified digital documents can be send to/shared with admissiondocuments@uu.nl.

Digital documents via email

Alternatively, we can accept your documents as plain PDF-files, providing we receive these directly from your university using their official registrar email address. This means that we do not accept plain PDF-files when these are sent from an unverifiable email account. Please ask your university to send the required academic documents to admissiondocuments@uu.nl.  

Certified hardcopies

If you are unable to submit your documents digitally, Utrecht University still accepts certified hardcopies via post. Note that certified digital documents are the preferred method of verification, however. For this reason, we kindly advise you first to attempt to send your documents digitally as described above.

A certified hardcopy is a material copy of a student’s degree certificate, academic transcript or other graduation document which carries an official stamp or/and signature in wet-ink from your university. You can send your certified hardcopies to this address: International Student Admissions, Graduate Admission. Heidelberglaan 8, 3584 CS Utrecht, The Netherlands.

If you decide to submit certified hardcopies via post, please ensure to send your documents well in advance of the submission deadline, as international postal services occasionally suffer delay due to unforeseen circumstances.


Utrecht University accepts documents in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish; documents issued in one of these languages do not require translations.

If your documents are written in another language, you will need to supply additional translations made by a sworn or certified translator. If sent digitally, we need to receive these translations directly from the translator using their official email address. If sent via post, we need to receive the original documents carrying an official stamp from the translator.