Current state of affairs

From 23 March 2022, the following applies:

  • Education - education, research and education-related activities can take place on location during opening hours of the buildings. All corona measures, such as wearing a mouth mask and keeping a distance of 1.5 metres, have been dropped. We ask you to pay attention to the general basic rules in the buildings.
  • Self-tests - do a self test if you have symptoms when you come to the university. You can easily order free self-tests or collect them from a reception desk in a university building. Are you unsure if you can come to the university? Do the quarantine check.
  • Study places - all study places are open to students in the university buildings. On the student website you can see where you can study, how to reserve a place and what rules apply.
  • Small-scale meetings for students - the relaxations offer more possibilities for study associations. Read more on the page Events
  • Student counselling - is online, counselling on location remains possible for vulnerable students for whom online counselling is not possible. For more information, go to Guidance and development.
  • Academic ceremonies  – graduation ceremonies, PhD ceremonies and inaugural lectures can take place on location withoput restrictive measures. Receptions can be organised again. 
  • Office work - the advice of the government to work at home (only with log in) no longer applies. When to work at home and when to work at the office, is a matter between you and your manager and team. Meetings are on location, online or hybrid.
  • Events, meetings and conferences - can be organised again without restrictions due to the corona virus.