Below you can find the opening hours of the buildings and also check the facility services available. During the summer period, some opening hours have changed. Look at the complete list for summer 2021 (only available for employees). 

From 19 July onwards, working from home is norm once again. Also at UU. There are also limited possibilities in the buildings for (office) work and meetings. There is an FAQ available for UU employees, concerning their return to the office. What can be done in a building depends on the specific situation per department and building. You can contact your faculty or service department for this particular information.

For students: You will find all opening hours and available study places at the website for students.

The UU in the 1.5 meter society

In its buildings and on its premises, the UU will make visible in various ways which corona measures it takes. 

Rules of conduct

Buildings are subject to general basic RIVM regulations and UU-specific rules (pdf). People who go to work must be aware of the rules of conduct that apply, including any department-specific measures. Corona coordinators' are present on the premises to supervise the implementation of and compliance with the measures. Read what hygiene measures the UU takes, what you can do yourself and what the rules are for face masks. 

Ventilation in buildings

We follow the RIVM guidelines (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) regarding ventilation. The RIVM recommends avoiding recirculation of air within spaces as much as possible. This is why we avoid using ventilators and air conditioners. We have switched off most of the air circulation systems. In those situations where this would lead to a severe disruption of business operations, we have customised the ventilation in consultation with the appropriate stakeholders within the faculties/service departments.

If you work or study in a room where the window can be opened, open it or leave it ajar. Is there a ventilation grid above the window? Then leave it open.

The RIVM underlines that ventilation should be in compliance with legal requirements, as laid down in the Dutch Buildings Decree (Bouwbesluit). Should a space not meet these requirements in an exceptional case, it will be locked. In some buildings, such as the Freudenthal building, the windows in some of the spaces will need to be set ajar, to ensure enough ventilation. If you are working or studying in a room which has a ventilation grid, do not close it.

Ventilation in the UU buildings takes place in various ways. Very visible ways are through a window or a ventilation grid above a window. If a room does not have a ventilation grid or a window that you can open, that in itself is not a reason for concern. It just means that we ventilate the room in a different way. All UU ventilation systems bring in fresh air from outside.